NASTA Narrative and Storytelling

Online Congres (waarschijnlijk in het Engels? red.) via Facebook

Humans have an intrinsic need for storytelling. If we need stories, then what are the most important stories to tell? They’re the stories of us. Yet, we are often too focused on academic output. Storytelling doesn’t always equal fiction; it means adjusting our style of writing and communication, rather than the content. Stories have power: they’re political and evocative, just like archaeology, and it’s our responsibility as archaeologists to learn how to engage (with) the general public, outside our academic circles. We could write popular science books, create video games, publish children’s books, and so on. We can and should tell stories.

NASTA aims to provide a space to discuss narrative and storytelling in archaeology through a one-day virtual conference that focuses on how we can think about our knowledge, and how we can communicate this to our audiences.
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